Amazon G-BOX

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. Sorry for the delay. I have a lot of new discoveries since my last posts. One of the best discoveries I have made has been the G-BOX.
What is a G-BOX, you may ask? Well let me tell you, it’s nothing sexual, lol.
The G-BOX is this amazing box that I found out from someone just mentioning it. Well, it sounded interesting but I wasn’t convinced by what they said this little box could do. Well just in case I did order my box from Amazon. The worst that could happen was that it didn’t do what they said and I could just send it back. It was $99.00 free shipping with Amazon prime.
After just two days my G-BOX arrived. So I went on you-tube to set this little box up. You tube gives you all the information as to how to set it up and what you need to make you eyes literally fall out of there sockets, and believe me I mean that .
So, I still haven’t told you what it does. Well, here goes. First of all you can ditch the satellite and or cable company. HELLO, WHAT! Yes that’s exactly what I said, ditch it. As long as you have a WI-FI connection and some electricity lol you are good to go.
This box literally allows you to watch any television show, any movie ever made, any channel from around the world, any country that is. Ok so that’s part of it. It also allows you to watch movies that are presently at the theatre on your television at home for FREE once you have this little G-BOX.
Are you convinced yet? Yes, I know it definatly sounds way to good to be true, trust me I know. I have spoken to people from other countries and they work there also. Cool huh?
For the sports enthusiasts get this!! You can watch any sports LIVE from any country even it is not being televised in your area still FREE. Even pay per view movies and sports are FREE from this little G-BOX.
What about local channels? Hum hum, gotcha right? Nope, you can watch live local channels in your area, lol SERIOUSLY.
So what about all those Disney channels my kids have to have? Yup, got it. EVERY CHANNEL, EVERY TELEVISION SHOW, EVERY MOVIE, THEY GOT IT.
So I wanted to make sure before I wrote this post. So I tried it out. I have watched pay preview movies, theatre movies, sports, local programming, television shows that I love and I was amazed. I told a few friends about it and they absolutely love it. I like to say it’s like having a ROKU or APPLE TV on steroids. Oh and by the way it is legal to own the box. Just in case you were wondering.
This G-BOX also has a DVR built into it so you can download what ever you want. It also allows you to download to an SD card to watch later also.
Just in case you are not convinced or curious go to AMAZON, order it and check it out. If they ask how you found out, say DEALOMOM sent you.

This truly has been one awesome discovery!!!!