Well, I have found another really great app for you to check out. Ride is a FREE app which is the first plus.
Ride rewards you for your daily travel. Even just going to work or walmart shopping or even flying to Las Vegas (lol).

In return they give you points for your travels and then they accumulate and you can redeem them for FREE gift cards. Awesome sauce!! Some of the companies that offer gift cards on this app are Amazon, Sephora, iTunes, Starbucks, Redbox, Home Depot, and many, many more. These gift cards change all the time so if there is one you want it  will come up soon.


You can go anywhere and ride anything, car, bicycle, bus, boat, airplane, cruise.

1) First thing to do is download the FREE app in the iTunes App Store or google play store.

2) Enable location services ( they don’t use gps)

3) Connect with Facebook

4) GO!!!!

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Where ever you go, Ride counts approximately how many miles you travel.
Just always make sure that the app is running. And that’s it.
I have been using Ride for a few years now for everywhere I go, work, shopping, driving to the beach, flying to different places. It always accumulates. I have been able to get some great gift cards. And since both of my girls have The Ride App, they have been able to get the Sephora gift cards which makes me happy because it’s less money I have to spend on there makeup needs.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Check it out, it’s basically a get it and forget it app. You can’t get any easier than that.

Stay Safe & Have Fun…Mom


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